Hi Everyone 

 I am holding GLUU at 7.78 and SPCE at 18.77 liking both , charts are behaving ! I have a target on SPCE at 20.00 ish and GLUU at 9.50ish  to fill the gap. Would like to see GLUU close above 8.20 I think if we get that,  it can move on to the target . 

Joanne has brought in some excellent buying ops .. Hope everybody is paying attention 

 Closed off a trade this week . VXRT i was in at 8000@ 9.28 and on news this week of an IND filing the stock popped to 12.40 ish, I had an order in at 12.29 and got the fill . 24K profit.

So this week was very good and going forward I am holding the GLUU and the SPCE.

There are several other picks available from Joanne so be sure and take advantage .

Study your charts , build a scan or two, Study your charts.

God Bless Joanne and all the folks at AGL.

DONT forget !! Give some money for the shelters , Take some coffee and doughnuts to the people that work hard to care for these unfortunate animals.

Have a good weekend .


UPDATE *****

 Sold the spce at 18.75 flat after i was negative for a day or two stock did not perform well after entry.

Might retry this weak as it appears  close for another go.

Gluu closed above 8.25..i put an order in to get filled at 8.30 they took me so never got to see it fill the gap.

But the trade was profitable about 4k.

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Thanks for writing, Albert!

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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