On Saturday 2pm 8/13/17 HLF took a nose dive for a couple dollars on very low volume. It looks like just a few hundred shares were traded. Then it opened back up to it's normal range on Monday. 

I'm wondering:
1) what happened here ?
2) If I had a stop loss in the range of 64-63.30 where we saw the drop would I get triggered? 
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Most Trading or Brokerage Firms only use Stops for normal Stock Exchange trading hours (9:30 - 4:00 pm Eastern Time). 

After Hours trading is not counted...

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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This is a repeat of my 7 June post about stop loss thievery.

Beware of Stop Loss traps!

On Monday, 5 June I had a healthy profit in (DDD) and wanted to protect it. I placed a Stop Loss order to sell at $20.20 while the price was at $20.70 near the close. I put the order in since I would not be able to have access to the market at the open. When I did get to the screen at 10:30 I was happy to see that (DDD) was trading a little above Monday's close, $20.75.

When I checked my orders I was shocked to see that my Stop order was executed at the open at $20.20. I looked at the tape record and saw that there was only one order at that price- Mine. the next trade was at 20.45. How could this happen? Obviously my Stop order was seen by man or machine and pounced upon in a nefarious manner stealing all my profit.

I don't know if there is a way to control this but everyone needs to be aware that thieves lurk in the wings of our markets and you might not get the results you hope for in Stop Loss orders.

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NEVER EVER place a stop loss order. It can been seen on the Nasdaq open orders and level 3 and they will take your stop out and send the position right back up in your face. Don't believe the garbage about stops. Use your own stops manually.
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