I'm somewhat new to ATGL.  I love the rules, but obviously, there is some higher time frame overbought/oversold conditions to be aware of.

I'm curious if any of you would share how you trade ATGL.

Do you look at the SP500 above the 50-day average - as an indicator of when to start buying from page 1/2?

Do you have any specific rules on when you will buy?  I was following the rules on pg3 of the stockcharts page and then ATGL correctly cautioned on the market being over-bought at the time.  I still made money on that ETF, but I have seen been waiting for the market to get back into a buy zone before buying.

Just curious if anyone would share their experience/approach.


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Hi Don. Thanks for posting... with the Markets tired after a big rally since February, we are only doing the Short Term Trading Strategy:

A. Short Term Traders:
Buy Page 1 or 2 Investments when the Money Wave is below 20, and then turns up. Wait for a Close above 20 (for a buy signal).
Most try to buy 5-10 minutes before the Close, if the Money Wave is going to Close >20.
Place sell stop loss under recent swing low.  When Money Wave crosses > 50 (Daily or Intra-day), raise stop loss to entry price.
Above 80 on Money Wave: Caution, and don't buy. Use a Close below the Pink Line (10-day avg.) as sell stop loss.

We will be emailing you the Funds that go into the Green Zones... Currently the Markets are too over-bought, so you have to wait.

Waiting is the hardest part!  But that is what professional traders do.

Basically Buy the Strongest Funds coming out of the Green Zone, and take profits in the Red Zone.


Good trading, and tell your friends!
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