Just signed up. Been following for long time. When you indicate "up arrows" on charts, are these the candidates that you recommend for buy entry? I've noticed that many other candidates that pop up through greenzone do not have the "up arrow" indicator but have done well. What are the criteria for assigning candidates the "up arrow"? Will members be notified when these buy signals appear? Also, many times the same candidate has broken up through greenzone but not given the "up arrow" even though it seems the rules have been met.
 Thanks for your work and looking forward to working with you.
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Black up arrows means that the Investment met all of the Rules, and was bought. If there is no arrow, it did not meet all of the Rules. (Above 90 relative Strength + Above Green Line.)

We will email you the Investments that are "on deck" and meet the Rules (before the Buy Signal).

Thank you for joining.
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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