I am a newbie and understand momentum investing somewhat. On this site there are buys today and long term buys. How do I differentiate the two types? I think I get that long term buys use weekly charts verses buys today. Why would I prefer one type over the other. Is it short term verses medium term swing trades? Thanks so much! Mark
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Good question, Mark.

Short Term trades cycle thru in 1-2 weeks and the bounces average 3- 6 %.

Investors that want potential larger % gains would change to a longer term weekly Chart..

Presently with Interest Rates so Low, there could be a "Bubble" in Stocks and Bonds. So there are not many Long Term Investments that are just beginning Bull Markets now.

Historically Money will rotate back into Commodities and Inverse Funds, once they Bottom out.

Please read more about Stage Chart Investing.


Good trading, and tell your friends!
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