I realize that the market has been in a downward trend but for the two years I have been a member of this group my tracking shows that 80% of the time that we change our exit from Short Term Support to Medium or even Long Term support levels that we end up with considerable losses.  i.e. that only 20% of the time does it recover to become a profitable trade after breaching short term support.  Obviously it is our individual choice what rules we choose to follow but I'd be curious to know if you have any longer term data (longer than my two years) that show that as long as SCTR is above 90 (& whatever other criteria you use when changing stops) then changing from a stop based on a close at Medium Term or Long Term support levels actually results in a profitable outcome?  Same w/ entering a second tranche.  Thank you.
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We only have data from July 2016. 

Many of the losses were taken simply because the Investment Closed Below the Green Line.

Many then recovered months later. Much of Investing lately has become VERY EMOTIONAL.

Many subscribers don't want to do Short Term Trading (which we prefer in this type of Market).

So we hang on Longer Term on some Investments and get burned sometimes by following the Rules.

It feels like many traders are "playing" the Markets like a video game or gambling site.

And the Mutual Funds will hate the Earnings at night when they come out, and love them the next morning?

If the Weekly Chart can bounce at the Green Line with the Relative Strength at least 80 (like AAPL QQQ CRM WWE are setting up), then there is a HIGH probability that these will re-test the Highs.

WWE has corrected 34% from the High, and is still BULL.  Some Short Term Buys were too early, and normally we would stop out. But we hate to if the Investment gaps down 8% and the Technicals are still ok...
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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