Your Closed positions shows that this position was sold on 8/22 @ $11.85  yet I cannot find any such signal either on that day or in days after.  I thought this was another position that you were continuously adjusting to a Medium, then Long term holding.  What's up w/ CRON?
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I did not find the email about closing out CRON either.
The Sell Stop was at $11.60, and it seems like it dumped below that late on the Close after the Email Alert went out and closed at $11.58.

We had 3 Pot Stocks and they were all getting killed, so we had to let CRON go below $11.60.

On the bright side, the Green Line on CRON is at $12.07, so hopefully when they finish Flushing out the Pot Stocks soon, they will return back up to their Green Lines.

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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