Recent (10/21/19, 10/22/19) money wave buys included TLT, TER, and TSM. Of the three, which one has the greatest upside? If you had to buy one of the three, how might you go about determining which of the three to buy?
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Thank you for writing.

You should invest according to your risk tolerance... TLT is a Bond Fund which normally moves MUCH slower than an individual stock (especially semiconductors like TER & TSM).

You can find the beta of an Investment from sites like Yahoo Finance  (TLT is 3.4, TER is 1.69 and TSM is 1.02). The lower the beta, the more volatile normally with greater upside and downside.

Also TSM has not gone down into the Green Zone to qualify for a Money Wave Buy yet. You will be notified on the Daily Alert when an Investment has a Buy Signal.

We suggest you buy 5 - 8 investments and not try to guess which one is the best. Please use Sell Stop Losses.

All of these Investments should have Above 90 Relative Strength, and if you are Buying the Investment coming out of the Green Zone, your probability should be much higher than Buying a random Investment.

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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