Can you please add details in FAQ section regarding log and did not log.

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Good question. Here you go:

Q: When you say “you will Not Log the trade” what does that mean?
A: If the Reward / Risk is not 2:1 or better we will not log the trade (or count it in our Performance Record). Some members want to see every mechanical Money Wave Buy Signal,  but the Money Wave pops are usually only good for 3-6 % in the Short Term. If a stock is already up >3%, we will normally Not Log the trade.

If you Buy an Investment at $12, for a re-test of Highs at $14, the Reward potential could be $2, or 16.7%. If you have a Stop at $11.5, you are risking $0.50.
So Reward / Risk is $2 / $0.50 = 4:1 odds… EXCELLENT!

There is also a link"   We will “Not Log” trades if the Reward/Risk is not at least 2:1. 
on each Daily email.

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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