I have been watching the charts for along time.  You are very good at picking the tops when you say "way above the greenline" when you do the fund/stock goes down a large percentage of the time.  If I shorted every time you said 
'way above green line I could have made a nice percentage of gains.  What do you think?/?
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Sounds very Logical, REEL. But it is dangerous to Short a Strong Investment...

Sometimes they Correct sideways, and then go much higher. It is safer and higher probability to wait for the Strongest to Correct. (I have tried your suggestion, and it is not good).

The Leaders that are Way Above the Green Line will Correct, and should be Excellent Buys (near the Green Lines) for those that have discipline to WAIT.

If you want to Short, Reverse the Green Line Rules and Short the very weakest (Below Green Line + Below 10 Relative Strength + Below 80 on Money Wave.

When the Markets go BEAR, we will be in Inverse Funds like SH, when the meet the Green Line Rules:

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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