Money Wave Buys Signals Soon (3 Days- 3 Weeks Short Term):   (Best to Buy these when the S&P 500 is also in the Green Zone.)    

BCRX     BIOCRYST PHARMA.     Money Wave must Close in the Green Zone. 


VOLATILITY INDEX      Buy if it is going to Close above $35.43 on High Volume.

in this section you have Money Wave Buys Signals Soon. Like for example you have BCRX that has to close in the Green Zone. Does this mean it has to close below 20 ? Then SRNE and VXX you don't have the same instructions " Money Wave must Close in the Green Zone". Were the instructions or rules only for BCRX or all of them? Thank you. 

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Yes, thank you for writing. The Rules require that the Money Wave (Slow Stochastic) should Close below 20, and then a Buy Signal occurs when it Closes back above 20.

Sometimes with the Money Wave crosses above 20 and the Investment does not pop (like VXX) we will use another Indicator like the Pink Line for the next Signal.

Many times the very Strongest never quite make it down into the Green Zone and we miss them. It's ok to fudge a little and Buy them near the Green Zone if you really believe in the Investment, and you have a Stop below it.(like JD Chart below).

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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