Is the RS calculation updated (recalculated ) immediately with every change in price or is there a delay between the time that the price moves up and when it's reflected in the movement past 20 on the money wave indicator ?
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Relative Strength is a technical Indicator, and is recalculated every time the data changes.

Make sure your info is "Real Time"... But the Strongest should not be struggling to stay Above 90 R S...
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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Please reply below if you have any questions
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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Hi! got the mail today money wave on ETSY & FSLY. Their earnings announcement date is 1 and 4 august 2020.

1) Isn't it quite risky to take a position with the earnings date so near?
2) What's the target profit expected?
3) The chart set-up seems similar for DDOG & PYPL. How come DDOG & PYPL not pick up in your money wave? 
4) All of them are in the internet software industry group and seems quite risky when QQQ looks like breaking down. Based on your experience, do you think QQQ and its related stocks is going to fall a lot or just minor consolidation? 
5) YY is china related stock. Should we avoid china related stocks?
6) Your top100 stocks shows a very huge price momentum jump for many stocks. Any chance to catch it before their gigantic moves? Is it risky to try catch stocks before they enter the relative strength value of 95? Would you think HD & WMT can be consider for long term time frame trade? ie. hold all the way, similar to your MRNA selection
7) Good call on IZEA, MRNA & TBIO! Really need to be nimble 

Thanks AbovetheGreenLine and still studying your informative daily newsletter
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Lots of questions.

1. We don't like to Buy around Earnings, but would probably out of ETSY and FSLY before August.
2. Target is back up to the recent Highs.
3. DDOG and PYPL are not down to the Green Zones yet, for a Money Wave Buy.
4. QQQ just made a High and is very Strong... Waiting to Buy in Green Zone. Strong Investments usually don't Tank until they Double Top, or Fail.
5. YY had below 90 Relative Strength, so yes avoid. We like anything with High Volume And High Relative Strength, on pull-backs and a Stop.
6. High Relative Strength comes AFTER the Big move. We buy those on pull-backs. You are probably 11 years too late on HD & WMT. They are probably in Low Interest Rate Bubble.MRNA is risky now (Way Above the Green Line). Only Buy it in Green Zones.
7. Thank you.
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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