At what price do you enter, or is it end of day
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Thank you for writing. 

When a Money Wave Buy Signal will occur (Money Wave Closes > 20) on the Close, we will email you an Alert 10-30 minutes before the Market Closes.

For logging of trades prices, we use the Closing Price on the day the Money Wave Closes > 20. 

To shop for a better price during the day, many will go to the 60-min chart, and Buy in advance of the Close, but only if the Daily Money Wave is going to Close >20. 

Wait for the 60-min Chart to at least cross above the Pink Line, and preferably a Triple Buy on 60-min (1. Above Pink Line 2. Above 20 on Money Wave 3. MCAD Buy).

The 60-min Charts are on the Watch List and click on the Green Circles.

  EBAY 60-min.png 


Good trading, and tell your friends!
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