Apparently AGL waited to the end of day to execute the stop on OKE at $42.99. My question is:  For stops do you wait to the end of the day to take a stop loss or let the market take you out of a trade intraday which in OKE's case would have been at $43.37.
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The Rule requires that it CLOSE below the Stop (to avoid whipsaws). 

If is obvious that the Investment is NOT BOUNCING off the swing low, and is going to Close weak, go ahead and get out!

We are going to log the trades by the Rules, but if Oil is tanking, and the trade feels bad, EXIT when you want.

Many times the Investment will cycle back into the Green Zone for another Money Wave Buy (in a few days, if the RS remains strong)... Then you can make the loss up (Buy was just too early).


Good trading, and tell your friends!
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