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Buy if it Closes above $85.50 on High Volume.

Please reply below if you have any questions.


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Thank you for the post. On the SHAK daily chart, the money wave closed > 20 on Thursday (10/31) and the SCTR was 81.2 on that close. The high so far today is $85.43, the SCTR is 83.1, and the volume at present on Monday 11/4 is around 1,050,000, which is above the average volume of 577,000 but I am unsure whether it is high volume. There still is an hour left in the trading day, so it may (or may not) close above $85.50 on high volume (the buy signal). However, the Real Time Chart link you provided was for the weekly chart, where the money wave is < 20. Is this a short, medium, or long term trade? Also, I am trying to understand the suggestion with rules 1) Above the Green Line, 20 > 90 Relative Strength Factor, and 3) Money wave < 20 in the context of the weekly chart and/or the daily chart. Thanks.

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