On your Public Charts in Stockcharts, your Chart 55 on the S&P weekly shows we completed 5 Waves up, does that mean the S&P is now toast?  I'm certainly not a "wave guy," but are we now supposed to expect an A/B/C down?  Thanks for all your great work here!
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Sorry, but Wave 5 in NOT COMPLETE... If it was, the Markets would be dropping.

Wave 5 up will have 5 sub-waves in it... Mkt could now be in Wave 4 down of Wave 5.

Wave 5 could also be the same length as Wave 1  (about 60 points on SPY, added to

Wave 4 low of 175 = 235 on SPY.  Chart below is just some possibilities of a normal

Bull Mkt top (that is not manipulated by 8 years of Fed Printing...)

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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