Hey Everyone, 

What is your opinion on setting a "stop order" vs a "stop limit order"? This is my take away. 
I typically set standard stops because I don't want a stock to gap down and miss my exit. 

Recently I have been reconsidering. I was in a trade that gapped down in the morning for just a moment or two and then shot back up to the normal trading range. This caused a stop out for me. I think if I had a stop limit my trade may not have been triggered. 

For reference the stock was JUNO (I don't know that it meets all the rules). I entered 7/13 at $28. Put a stop loss at 27.14. The price gapped down to 26.87 for a moment early this morning and chopped me out. 
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Stop Limit Orders are dangerous (compared to Stop Orders).

If you got Stopped Out on Juno when it broke Support, no big DEAL.

If Juno rallies back above Support, and it ends up being a whip saw or "false breakdown",

you MUST re-enter.  If not, you just got TAKEN by sleazy Market Makers (or the Investment

told you there were NO SELLER LEFT, and BUY!)
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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