It sounds like AGL recommends (always?) triggering stop loss orders on the _close_ value, and I'm curious about the mechanics and rationale behind that recommendation.

1) Should stops _always_ be triggered by close values (never intraday)?
2) What is the reason for this approach?
3) Should the resulting order be a market order that executes first thing the next day?
4) Would it be better to try to get a "market on close" sell order instead, if the price is below the target within, say, 30 minutes of close?

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The Rules are a guideline Ryan... Pick your own Style... Many Sell in the Red Zone... It also depends on the strength of each Market rally.  Investments usually bounce off a STEEP Pink Line (10-day avg.) If it DOES NOT Bounce, Nimble traders will EXIT, and so should you... Watch out for FAKE dips below PINK LINES during the day.

Buy if it Closes below the Pink Line, it will normally correct on down to the Red Line (50-day avg.)

Just ALWAYS have a STOP LOSS as soon as you Buy. These are MOMENTUM Stocks that have already had BIG MOVES UP.  If you don't have the DISCIPLINE to put in SELL STOP LOSSES, this System could be Dangerous!
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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