I looked at the list of all your closed positions. I went from 10/27 to 7/28, about 3 months. Out of those 55 sales, there were about 28 winners and 27 losers. The total percent gain added up was 55%. That tells me that instead of the 2/3 winners and 1/3 losers, the track record was more like 50:50. The average percent gain was 1%. That is not as good as we are hoping for. It was nice to see some big gainers with over 10%+. But, there were a few big losers that cancelled those out. That is a lot of trading for an average of only 1% gain. Any way to fine tune the system to avoid the 8, 9, 10% and over losses? It is nice to see GDXJ go up 10.6% on 10/19, but that does not offset the loss of 14.3% on 10/4. It is nice to see CDE go up 5.4% on 9/22, but that gain was wiped out almost 2x by a 10.4% loss on 10/4.

Another factor is the average trader on this site is probably still working and cannot make the trades as quickly as you do. I often find that you will quickly recommend a sell at 3:40 PM ET, 20 min. before the closing bell, but I am unable to make that trade that quickly. So you may have a 1% gain while I will have a 3% loss by the time I make the trade the next morning. We also have to factor in the cost of each buy and sell. If we are only averaging a small 1 percent gain, the cost of buying and selling will negate a lot of this.

My thoughts (not worth much):

1. What if you identify the best companies by using the SCTR but maybe trade in the medium or long term range instead of the short term? If you look at some of the companies you have bought, YTD they have done well. By getting in and out a lot, we have the cost of trading and the losses associated with quick downturns. Often our small gains are not close to what some of these companies have done with a buy and hold strategy YTD. Examples include CDE, AMD, NVDA, AMAT, ALB, SINA, TXN YNDX BVN, GRUB, and others. 
2. Is there some way to fine tune the short term trading technique? Some of the 9%-10% plus losses really hurt the final total result. Maybe we should exclude stocks from the watchlist that have too much drawdown. If a stock like a gold miner or a biotech company typically falls 15% real quickly when it does go down, maybe that stock is too risky to have on our watchlist.

Thanks for your input.

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Thank you for your questions... The Closed Positions data is disappointing since our beginning in late May 2016. The biggest problem is that the current Bull Market is now the 2nd LONGEST in HISTORY, and SMART Money (Insiders) have been SELLING for over a year. Mutual Funds which always get clobbered in BEAR, are still BUYING for 3-5 years out (with Tammy's money)...  

World Markets are in a HUGE BUBBLE, because Interest Rates are so Low... When Rates RISE, reality should hit, but most will be COMPLACENT and will not EXIT... Next BEAR should be another 30-45% Drop, like the last 2 BEARS.

Wall Street will preach BUY & HOLD, and Tammy will hold, because last time she SOLD near the bottom in 2009.

Most likely Boeing ,and Amazon and Home Depot stocks are in DISTRIBUTION Stage, where Strong hands are Selling to Weak Hands (Tammy). Also known as Stage 3 TOP (See Chart Below).

Stocks and Bonds are probably TOPPING, and Inverse Funds and Commodities should be in ACCUMULATION (Stage 1 below)...

While we are waiting for EQUILIBRIUM to Break, Short Term Trading will be choppy and difficult.  When LEADERS like NVDA and AMZN are Way Above the Green Line, it is Foolish to expect to make much Money, until the LEADERS DUMP back down to the GREEN LINE again.

When Inverse Funds and Commodities finally turn up like the Gold Miners did on Wave 1 up early this year, IT WILL GET EXCITING.

But currently the Herd will not SELL after 8 year Bull with Interest Rates so low, but that will Change.

We love to Buy Stage 2 Investments when they EXIT Stage 1... Most Stocks did that 8 years ago... The MONEY HAS BEEN MADE.

If you can't get yourself to own Inverse Funds or Commodity Funds next year if they meet the Rules, you could get VERY FRUSTRATED, like most did after the TOP in 2007.
My Favorite read:  Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets

Stage Chart.JPG
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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Chart below has the last 3 Market Cycles over 20 Years ... We could be in Stage 3 Distribution Top again.

Inverse Fund Below that could be forming a HUGE Stage 1 BASE (Accumulation) before it's next Bull.


Good trading, and tell your friends!
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what about using Robinhood for trading?.....
ive been using for the last several months, and my experience has been awesome, fast execution, and absolutly ZERO commission cost.....only good for purchasing stocks at this time, but for the price, cant beat it
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Thanks for your input!

Here is a review for others:
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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