Sorry for all the questions. I just need some clarification.

1. Often you will have a stock on the watch list or on deck. You have it ready to buy above the green zone and you issue a buy signal. Then you say that you did not log the stock because it had already had a 4% gain. Examples are: TCK had a money wave buy on Oct 5 but you did not log it due to a 4% gain. RICE had a money wave buy on Sept 30 and you did not log it for the same reason. What does "did not log it" mean? Were these two stocks really buys and we should have bought or were they buys and you changed your mind and we should not have bought? 

2. If the sell rule is fairly fixed, that we sell when a stock is in the red zone and it falls below the pink line (10 DMA), why do you sometimes sell when a stock is way above the pink line? I am sure you are doing it because you want to lock in some good profits, but what is the deciding factor for when you sell and lock in profits and when you wait for the stock to fall below the pink line? Case in point, PBR had a sell signal on Oct 5 and it is way above the pink line.

Thanks for your insight.
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Many subscribers judge Above the Green Line by the performance of the trades. Currently we are only doing Short Term Money Wave trades, since the Bull Mkt is 7+ years old.

In the real world we normally do not buy the Investments at the end of the day, but prefer to try to get a better price with a 60-min Chart during the day. Money Wave Buys are usually good for about 3-6%, and if we are going to use the end of the day price up +4% or so, the betting odds have weakened... So we PASS on the trade.

The System is designed to create many trades with the Strongest Investments... You are dealing with YOUR MONEY, and the Rules are a guideline... Markets change during the year, and holding only to rigid Rules might not work as well in a TIRED Market.

Decisions made to over-ride the fixed Rules are based on Reward / Risk... when that becomes 50:50, sometimes we will over-ride, and Capture.  PBR was that way (but went up another 5% instead of giving back the 5% gain [mad]).

A big part of Investing is your BELIEF in the Investment... If you love it, hang on for more... Just have a Sell Stop under it!
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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Sorry, I still do not understand that "will not log the trade" thing.

I seems to me that you meen that you waited for a SS>20 crossing but then when it happened it was too fast.
So the stock was then too high to actually buy. Am I right? Did you then execute to buy yourself? Do you recommend that buy or do you want to say us to avoid that buy?

You say that you will not log the trade in your tracklist ("Closed Positions") but I can see the trades in the open positions.
This confuses me. Is it now a buy or not?

Thanks for your clear answer.
I think a lot of the members want to clearly understand that.

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The Rules require that the Money Wave Close > 20.

Money Wave Pops are usually good for a 3-5% Pop.

If the Investment has already Popped 4% before the Signal, we don't want to place that bet... probably too late... Poor Reward /Risk.

Basically the "eager beavers" want the Investment so much, that they are Buying Before the Signal...  

We wait for Signal... sometimes that is too late, so we do not log the trade, and it will not be included in the Closed Positions record.

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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