Welcome to 'Above the Green Line'.

Above the Green Line © is a Newsletter System of rotating into Investments that generally have more Buyers than Sellers (Above the Green Line, which is Above the 250 day exponential moving average), and the highest Relative Strength (> 90 Relative Strength).

This System is designed to Buy High, and Sell Higher, but Momentum Investing requires discipline. The Discipline to EXIT your Investment positions that are no longer the LEADERS, and do not follow the RULES.

Many are taught to Buy Low and Sell High, which can work well, but sometimes you must wait years for results.

We are using computers to identify the top 10% of Investments that have the highest flow of money into them.
Then we email you when to Buy these, on the Money Wave pull-backs.

We also provide spreadsheets for  Current Watchlist   Open Positions and Completed Trades.

#1 Public Site at Stockcharts.com.

Email questions to: advisor@abovethegreenline.com 

Twitter: @AboveGreenLine

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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