Hi Joanne,

I am looking for some clairty around when to buy and sell based upon Joanne's directions. For example: 

Jan 6 Money Wave Buy. Place Sell Stop Loss below $71.32 on Close. 
Jan 5 Money Wave is in the Green Buy Zone. Buy when Money Wave closes back above 20 for a bounce.

Buy: If I am to buy when the money wave closes above 20, does that mean I buy the day after the market closes with the money wave above 20? If so, what time during the day is the best time to get in, rule of thumb? My concern is if I have an order set to execute on market open, markets tend to do unexpected things in the first hour of opening. I probably want to shelter myself from this? 

Sell: Does placing a sell stop loss on close mean it will execute the following day if the price falls below the specified value? 

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Thank you for writing!

We suggest Buying 5 - 10 minutes Before the Close, it you are sure that the Money Wave is going to Close > 20.

If you are not sure, wait a day.

Same thing on a Sell... If the Investment is going to Close Below Support, or Buy Price, or the Pink Line (according to the Rules) EXIT right Before the Close.

Good trading, and tell your friends!
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Your long term holds as of 3/21/17 are attached below.  Can you kindly explain why stops are lowered on a failing position.  I thought stops are necessary to avoid heavy loses.  Even though the stock may bounce based on RSI, it may not.  I noticed that three out of four of your positions are deeply in the red.  AKS is down close to 20% and SN is down nearly 30% and today was only the first day the market has really corrected in months. Using the 3:1 rule do you expect the above positions to increase 60% and 90% respectively? Thank you.
Long Term   buy  current          
2/27/2017URA$16.99$14.2615.44-4.69Long Term Buy.Sell Stop Below Green Line.              
2/2/2017SN$13.18$9.149.3-3.02Changed to Long Term.Sell Stop Below Green Line.              
1/20/2017AKS$9.52$6.837.41-10.4Changed to Long Term.Sell Stop Below Green Line.              
11/15/2016EWZ33.08*$33.1636.71-3.45Changed to Long Term.
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The Long Term Buy Positions are usually well off the real historic Highs...

For Instance, the URA Uranium Fund broke out at $14.56, and that should be Support.

We are betting URA will bounce before $14.56 or the Green Line and resume the Stage

2 BULL. Maybe it will Re-tests the $134 High again. 

So we are risking $3, to make a possible $30 - $90 if URA comes back from

the dead, and maybe we sell to Tammy at $60 or so... 


4 Stages of Investments

Stage Chart.JPG 
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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Hello, I'm new here and currently trying this strategy with paper money to learn the ropes!

What would be the risks of buying as soon as the money wave goes above 20 versus waiting for it to close above 20?

Example: yesterday I was able to "buy" (again, paper money) YY as soon as it went out of the green zone (9:35AM ET) at 88.37, making a nice +2.29% throughout the day. Obviously that's just a data point, so I'm curious as to why it would have been better to wait for the close.


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Thank you for writing Anthony.

Some Buy before the Signal, and might get a better price.

We use the Closing Prices only for the Newsletter, so we are at a disadvantage.

After a while, you can usually tell which day the Money Wave will Close > 20, and you can jump the gun.

Some use the 60-min Charts and will get in earlier that day, if the Daily Chart is going to close > 20.

We are betting on finding Support on Over-Sold Bounce of the Strongest Investments.

You can get burned if you Buy too early, so just EXIT (Have A Sell Stop Loss) just Below the Support level that you are betting on.


Good trading, and tell your friends!
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Thanks for the reply!

So if I suspect the Slow STO(5,1) aka the money wave will be > 20 on the daily chart, I would use the 60 minute chart Slow STO(14,1) to buy when above 20, correct?

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Yes. If it is obvious that the Daily Slow Stochastic will Close > 20 that day, use the
60-min chart and wait for a Buy Signal there.

Usually you will get a better entry price.

XBI 60-min.png 
Good trading, and tell your friends!
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